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Camper Packets

Please review camp rules, dresscode, and packing list below.

You may want to print this page.

BHBC Rules & Disciplinary Policy 

  1. No camper is to leave camp without properly signing out with our camp Security Director. We take safety very seriously. (Strictly enforced!) A sign out sheet is available in the dining hall upon request.

  2. Male campers are not permitted in female camper cabins. Female campers are not permitted in male camper cabins.

  3. No tobacco in any form, vaping mechanisms of any kind, alcoholic beverages, or drugs (without prescription).

  4. PLEASE BRING ANY PRESCRIPTIONS IN LABELED RX BOTTLE. All minors will be required to leave all medicines, prescription or otherwise, with the camp nurse.

  5. No fires. No fireworks. No lighters or matches. No dangerous items that might even look like fire. Staff will handle all camp bonfires. 

  6. All student camper vehicles must be parked on the lake side of the bridge, backed in facing the road (in case of forest fire evacuation). Lock vehicle and put keys in a safe place or give keys to your counselor. Student campers may not enter or drive vehicles until packing/leaving camp on Saturday morning.

  7. Black Hills Retreat Center allows no pets. We abide by their rules. The reason: Pets provide entertainment for the wildlife in the area. 

  8. No guns, knives, or other weapons.  

  9. No unauthorized swimming. 

  10. Unless it is cabin time, no student campers are allowed in the cabins without a counselor. (Strictly enforced!)

  11. No bullying, fighting, or negative behavior toward others.

  12. No defacing or cutting of trees, shrubs, buildings or grounds. 

  13. No profanity, either spoken or written. 

  14. No hammocks.

  15. Camp is unplugged! All student campers should leave electronics at home. If brought, cellphones, iPods, mp3 players, speakers, tablets, computers, etc. will go to their own “camp” and be securely held by Supervisor Jerry Savage or Steve Tucker until the end of the week. We encourage adult campers to unplug as much as possible while at camp. A landline phone is available for outgoing calls with permission from a Camp Supervisor. 

  16. Absolutely NO cameras in the cabins, restrooms or shower facilities. 

  17. Attendance at chapel, Bible class, and evening worship is mandatory for all student campers and we strongly encourage adult campers to engage in daily chapel, adult Bible classes, and evening worship. 

  18. The camp bell is used to alert all campers to gather for meal times, a baptism, or other important events. Please do not ring the bell unless you are asked to be a Camp Supervisor.

  19. Campers are not allowed in the kitchen unless they are on Kitchen Patrol Duty. 

  20. Canteen items will be consumed in or around the dining hall, not in the bunkhouses. 

  21. All campers and counselors must be in their bunkhouses for rest time from. 1pm-2pm is camp-wide quiet time. 

  22. Student campers are required to clean their cabins daily for cabin check. Our cabin checkers will award “cleanest cabin” each day. Dismissal from your cabin on Saturday morning will only be after cabins are cleaned and a Supervisor or Director's inspection is complete. 

  23. All non-camping visitors to camp must PRE-REGISTER for the days they plan to visit and are required to pay for the days they will be present at camp. Visitors are required to abide by all camp rules.


Camp Supervisor and Board reserve the right to add to these rules as deemed necessary for the safety, enjoyment and FUN of everyone! Directors and Supervisors reserve the right to send a camper home for violating camp rules. 



Dresscode for All Campers

1. Please consider others as you pack for camp and don't bring any clothing with crude sayings, slogans, or pictures.

2. All clothing should completely cover your chest, midriff, and bottom.

3. Swimsuits should be completely covered by clothing to and from swim time.

4. The Camp Supervisor and the Board reserve the right to require a camper to change if the above requirements are not met. Female campers will only be asked to change by female staff members and male campers will only be asked to change by male staff members.



Packing List

  1. BIBLE - Bring your Bible, we'll use it everyday! It's a life changing book! And it's a book, not the digital type... 

  2. Bedding - It can get a little chilly at night. Bring a warm sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets and blankets. Bunks and mattresses are provided in the cabins. 

  3. Money for canteen (cash only). This amount is at your discretion, but $25-$30 per person is recommended. Campers have an opportunity once a day to buy snacks and drinks. Money will be collected at check-in so no one has to keep up with cash. Remaining funds will be returned at the end of the week.

  4. Personal water bottle or canteen.

  5. Toiletries - Showers are available, and, everyone will use them. Bring your own soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush.

  6. Swimsuit and sunscreen. A certified lifeguard and other supervisors will be on duty.

  7. Towels - two recommended.

  8. Flashlight - comes in handy at night. 

  9. Clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking, sports, campfires, ropes course, and other outdoor activities.

  10. Jacket/Sweatshirt - Prepare for warm days, cool nights, sunshine, rain and a possible hailstorm. We have experienced it all. Come prepared! 

  11. Folding/collapsible camp chair if desired.

  12. A great attitude! 

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