• BIBLE - Bring your Bible, we'll use it everyday! It's a life changing book! And it's a book, not the digital type... 

  • Bedding - It can get a little chilly at night. Bring a warm sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets and blankets. Bunks and mattresses are provided in the cabins. You will need the rest.

  • Toiletries - Showers are available, and, everyone will get to use them. Bring your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush. No sharing of toothbrushes allowed.

  • Towels - Might come in handy after the shower. We also have swimming so you might need a couple extra.

  • Flashlight - comes in handy at night. 

  • Swimsuit - Bring a towel and girls are suggested to bring a cover up.
    (Modesty will be our rule - see dress code policy)

  • Clothes - Goes without saying but you never know. A couple of pairs of shoes in case we get a downpour or occasional hail storm.

  • Jacket - Prepare for hot days, cool nights, sunshine, rain and a possible hailstorm. We have experienced it all. Come prepared!

  • A great attitude!