Please review our Bible Camp policy to ensure you and your camper are prepared with the appropriate attire.

  • Modesty is expected at all times.

  • No visible midriffs. Clothing that exposes any part of the mid- section when standing, sitting, or bending over will not be allowed.

  • Do not wear a hat indoors or during times of prayer.

  • All tops should be long enough to be tucked in if necessary.

  • Shorts must be fingertip length at least when standing straight, arms to the side. This is measured from the shortest part of the shorts. Running shorts will not be allowed due to the short nature, even if they are long enough.

  • Skin-tight or otherwise revealing clothing will not be allowed. Low-cut shirts, spandex, yoga pants, halter tops, etc are not acceptable. Leggings do not count as pants. If your outfit is against dress code without leggings, it is against dress code with leggings.

  • No clothing bearing a liquor advertisement, tobacco advertisement, suggestive sayings or images will be allowed.

  • Anything that appears inappropriate in the judgement of the Camp Director will not be allowed.

  • Anyone who is wearing something deemed inappropriate will kindly and discretely be asked to change and explained as to what is the issue. This is a Bible Camp and we are attempting to have fun, teach life lessons, and above all, Glorifying God.