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Black Hills Bible Camp 2017

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Rules & Disciplinary Policies

Yes, we have to have some rules.  So, for starters, we need to inform you that these are not suggestions.  They apply to all campers, staff, teachers, and directors.  Violation of camp rules if deemed serious enough by Camp Directors may result in camper being sent home at parent’s expense!  So please pay close attention to the following:

  1. No one is to leave camp without permission. We take safety very serious. (Strictly enforced!)
  2. No tobacco in any form, alcoholic beverages or drugs (without prescription)
  3. No fires. No fireworks. No dangerous items that might even look like fire. We will handle the fires if we are allowed to.
  4. Kamp Kinship allows no pets. We abide by their rules.The reason: Pets provide entertainment for the wildlife in the area.
  5. No guns or knives. Again, safety for everyone.
  6. No unauthorized fires.
  7. No unauthorized swimming.
  8. No unauthorized shaving cream use.
  9. Unless it is cabin time, no one is allowed at the cabins without counselor permission.
  10. No Bullying or negative behavior towards other people.
  11. No defacing or cutting of trees, shrubs, building or grounds.
  12. No profanity, either spoken or written. No need for that here.
  13. No CD players, iPods, Cell Phones, etc If it plays music, it will be held by a counselor until the end of the week. ( One whole week to unplug. Proof it can happen! )
  14. Absolutely NO cameras in the cabins, restrooms or shower facilities.
  15. Attendance at Bible Class is mandatory for all campers, regardless of age.
  16. All outgoing calls are to be approved by a director.  It is available to use, just ask for permission.
  17. Kitchen Patrol Duty is to be completed and each camper will be asked to serve on kitchen cleanup. 
  18. Dismissal from your cabin on Saturday morning will only be after cabins are cleaned and a director's inspection is complete.
  19. No one is allowed to leave the camp premises without permission from the Camp Director and the Camp Safety Officer.  Anyone leaving the campsite will be required to sign the sign out sheet.
  20. Any canteen items will be consumed in or around the dining hall, not in the bunkhouses.
  21. All campers and counselors must be in their bunkhouses for rest time. Only exception granted by Camp Director.
  22. The Camp Director reserves the right to add to these rules as he deems necessary for the safety, enjoyment and FUN for everyone!