Black Hills Bible Camp

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Black Hills Bible Camp 2017

50 Years of Black Hills Bible Camp

What you need to know
RV's, Tents and Pets.

We have our own RV, can we bring it?  
I love roughing it and I'm bringing my tent, do you have a place for me to set up? 
What about Fluffy, can we bring our pet?


As for the camping situation, there is limited space that we use.  If you need to reserve your space on a first come, first served basis you need to call this number and talk to one of our Camp Directors - Silas Fitzsimmons. His number for camping reservations is: (605) 490.2453. FYI: These are not full hookups spots for RV's but semi-level spots for 'dry camping'.   


Black Hills Retreat Center has a no pet policy. Sorry, but, in the interest of keeping your pet safe, we abide by their rules. We are in the forest with many wild animals and we do not want to bait these animals with your pet.